Our Luxembourg domiciled structure offers a broad, flexible and transparent offering, ranging from a commingled multi-manager program (with primary, secondary and direct investments) to bespoke mandates as well as direct access to opportunities — either partner funds or direct deals.


At SYZ Capital, we believe in creating performance. With its potentially high returns and low correlation with traditional capital markets, private equity is an attractive asset class which has a place in a diversified portfolio. Private Equity lets you benefit from the current economic environment characterized by low interest rates.

By selecting the best opportunities on a risk adjusted basis, we provide you with the chance to diversify your investments and generate performance over time: Investing in a company project means sharing a vision and benefiting from the growth generated by a successful business model. Finding the best trends requires specific skills. This is why we work closely with partners who specialize in private equity. 

SYZ Capital is comprised of a strong team of professionals who have a deep and vaste experience in both fund manager selection and Direct deals execution having sourced, Diligenced and closed over $3bn of investments across Europe and Asia. 


Our offering ranges from Capital Raising to Financing Advisory. We offer bespoke expert transaction management services with experienced and independent advice. We work with entrepreneurs, corporates, management teams and professional investors on a wide range of situations. 


We understand your needs and work with you on your projects. We know what companies need. This is why we offer corporate advisory services, so you can structure your company's capital and make it work. Maintain your independence, grow and ensure the sustainability of your business model. These are more than just words, these are goals that we understand and share. Wealth must be managed for the long term.

We accompany you in every eventuality: debt restructuring, market financing solutions, integrated mergers & acquisitions advisory, sale, initial public offering or takeover. To provide our services, we also partner and select the best talent and work with recognized experts when needed.

Our principals have over 30 years combined experience in equity, debt, and M&A situations globally at major investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.

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