Executive Team

Marc Syz
Marc Syz Managing Partner
Olivier Maurice
Olivier Maurice Managing Partner & Head of Private Markets
Richard Byworth
Richard Byworth Managing Partner & Head of Liquid Alternatives
Julien Raymond
Julien Raymond Chief Operating Officer / Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
Henry Ford


Reto Gehring
Reto Gehring Senior Analyst
Cédric Vuignier
Cédric Vuignier Head of Liquid Alternative Investments
Milena Dold
Milena Dold Head of Business Development & Investor Relations
Nicolas Segal
Nicolas Segal Senior Advisor
Mathieu Woifflard
Mathieu Woifflard Analyst Liquid Alternatives
Claudine Dahinden
Claudine Dahinden Executive Assistant to CEO
Hugo Lestiboudois
Hugo Lestiboudois Principal
Aude Stanislas
Aude Stanislas Operations Manager
Achille Touchais
Achille Touchais Associate Private Markets
Magali Trombert
Magali Trombert Operations Manager
Fabian Gebhardt
Fabian Gebhardt Analyst Private Markets
Jean-Pierre Marcillac
Jean-Pierre Marcillac Analyst Private Markets
Maria Fernandez
Maria Fernandez Operations Manager
Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez Business Development & Investor Relations
Victoria Vila
Victoria Vila Private Markets
Tiago Fellay
Tiago Fellay Liquid Alternatives