Why private

Because it’s too big to be ignored. Out of the $79tr investable assets, only $4.5tr are private markets (private equity and real assets).  They represent an important part of the world economy, yet difficult for most investors to access.

At SYZ Capital, we also believe that diversification is key. Financial literature and empirical evidence demonstrate that private markets can deliver superior returns compared to traditional asset classes. Moreover, investors often benefit from attractive diversification when private market investments are included as part of a broader portfolio of assets.

What sets
us apart

SYZ Capital aims to offer unique access to select niche opportunities across Private Markets and Direct Investments.

Our goal is to offer a curated investment experience in segments of private markets overlooked by most traditional investors because of their size, complexity or inadequate duration. SYZ Capital strives to ensure alignment of interest of all parties by being actively involved in every transaction it undertakes.

We also offer an access to direct investment opportunities on a standalone basis, or as part of a diversified multi-position and/or multi-manager offering.

The experienced management team of SYZ Capital is able to fully leverage its network and expertise to deliver a robust and flexible offering.

Beyond capital, we're interested in your projects.
Marc Syz
Marc Syz CEO SYZ Capital

Creating value

We seek best-in-class opportunities. We aim to provide superior professional and investment skills, rigorous risk management and operational processes.

Power of network

We strive to leverage the expertise of in-house professionals and external advisors for superior sourcing and execution capabilities. The decisions are made in conjunction with external advisors with deep industry expertise and experience. Our strategy is to invest alongside “smart money”.

Robust governance and transparency

We believe in robust governance and transparency. SYZ Capital shareholders, partners and employees are strongly aligned with the long-term goals and interests of our clients.

Strong partnership approach

We treat both our clients and management teams of target investments as partners as we seek to match the right capital with the right projects. We aim to create synergies contributing to maximize value creation.

Tailor Made

At SYZ Capital, we strongly believe than one size doesn’t fit all and that some elements of customization is essential to offer a satisfactory investment experience for our clients. While some appreciate the pick and choose factors, others will look for a diversified program to suit their needs.


Our goal is to help management teams build great companies. Because access to capital markets for SMEs and individuals, particularly in Europe, has become a challenge. We use knowledge, experience and network to support business growth and success.

We are a relationship-driven advisor, committed to excellence with a strong vested interest.


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