Alternative investing has always been an important part of the Syz DNA, and through Syz Capital, we offer investors the opportunity to invest alongside us in niche opportunities throughout direct private equity, uncorrelated strategies and liquid alternatives. We search for hidden gem-businesses with great potential in growth markets that are underappreciated and under-valued. By building deep and lasting relationships with the businesses we invest in, we understand and align objectives, goals, and risk appetite. Partnering with Syz Capital means never taking a risk we are not taking alongside you.

Alternative thinking

The Syz family has been investing in private companies for over 200 years and in hedge funds since 1980. We offer investors complete alignment of interest and the opportunity to be actively involved in every transaction we undertake.

Our mission is to increase performance and reduce risk by identifying investment segments often overlooked by investors because of their size and complexity.

At Syz Capital we invest our own capital, expertise, time, energy and resources to research trends and themes that will shape tomorrow's world. We are attracted by investments which present outsized risk adjusted return potential, either because they are out of favour, misunderstood, or simply because they have yet to be identified as a trend.

Our team combines over 100 years of alternative investment experience across private equity, special situations and uncorrelated investments. So, every investment journey always starts with a rigorous risk assessment where we challenge our assumptions under different market conditions. 

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