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Syz Capital with operating partners Saturnus Capital take majority stake in digital marketing pioneer Capture Media

Capture Media is the fastest-growing Engagement Advertising Provider in Switzerland. The strategy will focus to further accelerate product innovation, expand geographic reach and develop M&A oppo [...]

Syz partners with Willy Woo and CMCC to launch first bank-backed crypto hedge fund

Zurich, May 15, 2023. Syz Group has partnered with CMCC Global to launch SyzCrest Digital Uncorrelated – a fund of crypto hedge funds. [...]

Richard Byworth joins Syz Capital as Managing Partner

Zurich, October 12, 2022 - Richard Byworth joins Syz Capital, the alternative investment arm of the family owned Syz Group, and will head its liquid alternatives business.

Syz Capital Shines As Alternative Investment House

Syz Capital’s positive run in 2021 and it’s consistently resilient, diversified and uncorrelated investment solutions bring the growing firm to the forefront of the European financial stage. WealthBr [...]

Syz Capital partner with Saturnus Capital to take controlling stake in leading German Pharmaceutical Logistics firm, SK Pharma

SK Pharma is one of Germany’s leading pharmaceutical pre-wholesalers Syz Capital is a boutique private markets investor providing exclusive access to niche investments in private equity and alternati [...]

Syz Capital recognised once again for its excellence in alternatives

Syz Capital has been awarded ‘best alternative investment manager’ at the ninth annual WealthBriefing European Awards. This follows their win for the Swiss Awards in February 2021.

Syz Capital white labelling partnership reaches new milestone

Syz Capital’s pilot partnership with Banca March, OYSTER BM Alternativos, has reached the €200M mark and sets a positive baseline for future developments of white labelled fund of funds management ser [...]

Alternatives are the answer to the Covid-19 conundrum

The traditional barbell portfolio of aggressive equities and defensive bonds is no longer enough in today’s investment environment. [...]

SYZ Capital welcomes Gian Kull as Principal, Head of Special Situations & Uncorrelated Strategies

Gian Kull has been appointed to the role of Head of Special Situations and Uncorrelated Strategies at SYZ Capital, the SYZ Group’s center of excellence for alternatives. [...]

SYZ Capital merges multiple offerings to become leading alternatives player

SYZ Capital, the boutique private markets investment firm created in 2018 under the leadership of Marc Syz, has broadened its alternatives offering to create a leading proposition and centre of innova [...]

SYZ Capital takes controlling stake of SINWA, the largest ship chandler in Singapore

SYZ Capital, the boutique private markets investment and advisory specialist, announced today that it has taken a controlling stake in SINWA, the largest ship chandler in Singapore, supplying essentia [...]

SYZ Group launches private markets investment company – SYZ Capital

SYZ Group, the family-owned Swiss financial group, has launched SYZ Capital, a private market investment and advisory specialist. [...]