Private Markets Advantages


Private Market strategies have outperformed their public comparables

Alpha potential

Active management and asset selection


Private Markets are under-represented in most investors' portfolios

Real economic impact

Fostering growth, creating jobs, and serving new needs

Portfolio Diversification

Reduce correlation and volatility in a portfolio

Value Creation

Management teams focus on longer term value creation and growth initiative

Private Markets Performance Drivers


High Growth

Fragmented Markets

Operational Improvement


Attractive Valuation

Liquidity Provider

Strong Downside Protection


Limited Competition

Short Duration

All-Weather Returns

High Return Potential

Experienced team


Proven track record

Alignment of Interest

Liquid Alternative Advantages

Higher risk adjusted returns

Dynamic management of capital; can gain in both up and down markets

Opportunistic potential

Geopolitical tensions, health crisis, lead to sustained volatility benefiting many strategies


Best In class strategies with long track records of success are hard to invest

High Liquidity

Certain Alternative Strategies offer up to daily liquidity


Provides useful diversification in a global portfolio

Capital Protection

Protects capital in down markets. Good risk/return profile

Liquid Alternatives Performance Drivers


Capital Protection

Improve the risk/reward profile

Enlarge the investment universe beyond traditional asset classes

The best way to win is first not to lose

Experienced Team

Risk-management used before and after portfolio construction

Proven track record

Focus on statistical and factor correlation analysis: understanding the “behaviour” of each fund in various market environments

Asset growth

Selecting the best asset managers on an open-based architecture

Portfolio construction at the heart of performance generation

Alignement of interest

Selectively adding special situations, traditional and liquid absolute return investments

Liquid alternative investments

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