We offer our partners a platform to execute direct private equity transactions alongside us - sharing risk and reward as true partners, the reassurance of a strongly capitalized Banking group with underwriting capabilities for fast decision-making and execution, and the structuring and execution capabilities of complex targets through multiple successfully executed transactions. 

We provide our investors a unique network of seasoned industry specialists focused on substantial value creation plans, both pre and post execution, and a deep understanding and appreciation of family businesses, and their values and challenges. Their interests will be fully aligned with the Syz Family's base and target investments. 


Private Markets Advantages


Private Market strategies have outperformed their public comparables

Alpha potential

Active management and asset selection


Private Markets are under-represented in most investors' portfolios

Real economic impact

Fostering growth, creating jobs, and serving new needs

Portfolio Diversification

Reduce correlation and volatility in a portfolio

Value Creation

Management teams focus on longer term value creation and growth initiative

Private Markets Performance Drivers


High Growth

Fragmented Markets

Operational Improvement


Attractive Valuation

Liquidity Provider

Strong Downside Protection


Limited Competition

Short Duration

All-Weather Returns

High Return Potential

Experienced team


Proven track record

Alignment of Interest

Syz Capital SPMO

Syz Private Market Opportunities is a private investment partnership established to invest in a diversified selection of high return private equity transactions and strategies, alongside specialized teams in their core areas of expertise.

With a focus on Europe, the strategy invests in niche sectors and companies exhibiting strong business models, attractive valuations and achievable value creation plan, leading to asymmetric target return profiles.

The portfolio is mainly focused on Lower Mid-Market buyouts and it is complemented by selected co-investments and discounted secondary transactions with a short path to exit.

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